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Faux fur called Fake Fur. Lagerfeld and Longchamp designer, said: “I do not call it Fake Fur, I call it Fun Fur.” Handbags, has been hailed as the “21st century woman’s opium.” After all, the world dressed in a skirt $3,000 people are still a minority, more people only enough money to buy some accessories to enhance the taste, calculating the usage rate, the lower the daily cost sharing, it is worth to start with, so that, promoted to the luxury designer Longchamp outlet
handbags on the essentials. And Longchamp handbags, become the first choice. Longchamp is Italy’s old fur is a older more youthful fashion brand. In 1925, Longchamp brand officially Longchamp outlet 2015 founded in Rome, specifically the production of high quality fur products. First held in 1955, Longchamp fashion briefing. Subsequently the company has grown, have developed a jewelry, men’s perfume and furniture and other products, but still its fur in the fashion world class products to lay the king in the world.

Longchamp has a few design features that are worth mentioning. First, the fur to leather, to the later development of the fashion, Longchamp has focused on the choice of quality materials and production of high-quality products. Equally important is that this fine craft techniques, Longchamp started when the majority of refined products are artificial, and this tradition has spread so far. Longchamp spring and autumn every year twice a fashion cheap Longchamp handbags
show featuring the two ” extreme” product: Spring in swimwear, beach bag and sun hat based, winter is full of fur coats and jackets station, forming a fever heat to the equator, a strong contrast to the cold on the cold Arctic. “Spy Bag” Longchamp spy bag is fashionable ladies purses around the world all want to have. “Spy Bag” In addition to the large exterior Longchamp handbags design, it really is worthy of the name has many hidden mystery: bag switch handle is actually a magazine can put lipstick or other shapes of the same size items; top of the bag looks like a decorative of a cover from a specially designed dark button to open, but it is a small wallet. “Spy Bag” simple and elegant styling lines, leaving the carriers can easily match any style or style of dress.

Longchamp’s core leadership is famous fashion Karl Lagerfeld – the incumbent chief designer of Chanel Paris brand hunters. Lagerfeld since 1962, has been a Longchamp ‘s fur and clothing (including those eye-catching glamorous swimwear) series, chief designer. Fur has always been synonymous with noble and beautiful. However, for such abstract ideas Lagerfeld, there is nothing not to break the frame. Look Longchamp, extravagance has been discovered cheap Longchamp bags solemn fur can do very hippie, very young, very futuristic. Karl Lagerfeld is the use of two letters F Longchamp composed the famous Longchamp trademarks, encouraged innovative production techniques fur, the fur dyeing, together with Longchamp outlet online tailoring, knitting, mosaic and other processes, to produce creative fur products. Handbags, the more pressure on the Indian pattern, and spend the traditional black and mud -colored fiber material for material, so add a stylish handbag. Wave after wave of green wave, Longchamp also had concessions to environmental organizations. Now Longchamp, fur products has exceeded the old concept of pure wild animal leather. Farmed animals harmony of leather and faux fur coat is also on the same good taste choice. Faux fur called Fake Fur. And Lagerfeld said: “I do not call it Fake Fur, I call it Fun Fur.” Word, allowing a strong environmental awareness of young fashion people applaud.

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